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Horse Riding Lessons Made Easy & Safe With These Secret Methods - Horse Tack & Gear

Horse Riding Lessons Made Easy & Safe With These Secret Methods

An introduction to Horse Riding

Horse Riding LessonsHorse riding is not just a sport, but a passion and love for the majority of the riders.

Even those who join this sport without much interest and just out of curiosity, end up falling in love with it as it is an activity which quickly evolves from a common sport into a hobby and then into becoming a real passion and love.

The fun and thrill it offers is what attracts people who likes challenges and adventures.

A lot of people also like to get involved in this sport simply because they want to achieve a more relaxed mental attitude by standing up against their fears.

The reason people turn to this sport to get rid of their fear for thrill and things, even though horseback riding can be a dangerous sport if you are not prepared for it properly and this is one of the main reasons this website is here for you.

However, once you get the feel of it and overcome your fear, this seemingly dangerous sport can turn into an exciting hobby and all you would want to do during your holidays is go horse back riding.

Horse back riding is a sport which not only offers a superior level of thrill and excitement, but is also of a social importance. You will meet people similar to you and end up building good friendships with them over time.

Other than that, it is also one of those only sports which help one develop a loving relationship with an animal. Getting to discover the feeling of another living being helps in developing a compassionate feelings towards them and this all will prepare you for the future to be a better person who respects everyone and anyone, no matter what.

In horse riding, as understanding of each other is very important, people pursuing this sport end up building a loving relationship with their horse.

All these factors result in making a person feel happier, helps them to increase productiveness in other areas of his or her life and grow them to be a better person.

The importance of learning the sport

horse riding

Hence, it comes as no surprise that a lot of people want to learn this exciting and incredibly joyful sport. However, it is to be noted that it actually becomes thrilling and exciting only if learned properly.

Without learning the basics well and taking horse riding lessons, one may as well end up having a rather sour and bitter experience with the sport and may never want to go back to it.

There are some cases where someone takes up this sport without any prior learning or coaching and ends up with a considerable amount of damage to his body and loses their will to go back to it.

It is therefore imminent to learn the basics and have some horse riding lesson plans ready at hand before trying to go into the deeper part of the sport.

These are some of the most popular as well as helpful methods to learn horse back riding:

Learning the basics of Horseback Riding

Riding a horse is not as easy as it sounds. One has to gather as much information about horse riding basics as possible before trying to go out and try it in real.

One can do this by resorting to the;

  • Internet
  • Watching horseback riding videos
  • Reading useful books and magazines on horse riding tips

Some people want to learn horseback riding without putting any effort into it. Though this may be possible with some other less exciting sports, it is surely not with horse back riding.

Just keep this in mind, since you do have to put time and effort into your learning before you are able to master the art of horse back riding.

Watching DVD’s

Watching DVD’s on horse back riding and western riding tips is a very simple and useful way to learn to ride a horse.

A lot of time can be saved on the field if one spends adequate time watching such useful DVD’s.

One of the primary benefits of watching DVD’s to learn how to ride a horse is that you can actually get the feel of being on the field and riding a horse yourself.

This is much different from bookish knowledge or information, which just helps one discover a few tips on how to hold the horse, how to position your body, etc. Though even such knowledge is important, it is nowhere near to being complete or perfect.

Without actually watching professional riders ride a horse, you won’t get the confidence to ride one yourself.

Being confident while riding a horse is not one of the technical requirements of riding a horse, but it is a very important thing all the same.

There are things a book or written information cannot teach, but a visual media can and believe me, this really works well, since you can actually see everything as it happens and not have to imagine all the movements by looking at some images in the book.

A lot of DVD’s are hitting the market every now and then, but there a few popular and most useful ones you can go for.

buck brannaman 7 clinics dvd setThere is a DVD set called 7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman, which I believe is to be the best learning tool for horseback riding ever made. We will be talking more on it later on.

Some of these useful DVD’s come with a bonus or add-on material teaching you something more than just riding lessons, such as;

  • Horse lessons (for getting acquainted with your horse)
  • Horse riding lessons for kids (if you are planning to go on a horse riding vacation with your whole family)
  • Horseback riding for fun (for people not intending to go deeper into the sport but just to have some quick fun), etc.

Hence, these DVD’s can provide you with an all-round knowledge on different things, instilling a sense of confidence besides imparting useful practical information.

These DVD’s also go on to convey more technical and related information on the sport of horse riding like;

  • Knowing your horse and his behavior
  • Various ways of positioning yourself on a horse while riding him or her
  • Getting used to the rather uncommon equipment related to horse back riding
  • Maintaining a horse properly

The reason I referred to a horse here using the words “he” and “she” instead of using an “it” is because in the sport of horse riding, a horse is more of a friend and dear one to the person involved in this sport.

You will hear people refer to a horse in this way all the time on the field.

Knowing your horse

Just as one doesn’t buy a car without knowing its features, a smart and passionate horse rider doesn’t ride a horse without knowing him or her properly.

Now this may sound a bit weird to some of you, it actually isn’t. Your horse isn’t like your vehicle, which works the way you want it to, without spending any time with him.

One of the basic and foremost parts of horse back riding is to understand your horse well, knowing his;

  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Style of running
  • Level of patience

Some horses are way too cool and can handle the pressure on the field without even giving them any kind of special instructions. Some, on the other hand, are rather rough and wait for you to guide them in the right direction.

Similarly, some horses are quite calm and don’t really mind if you hold them too tightly in order to urge them run faster, but some are a bit aggressive and may throw you off themselves in a ruthless way if you try.

There are many other factors involved like building a bond with your horse, gaining his or her trust, spending some time with him instead of simply leaving everything to the person you hire for his maintenance, etc.

The reason you need to do all this is to connect with the horse and this is really important if you want to excel in horse back riding with your horse.

A lot of times it is observed that some of the top horses become laggards simply because their riders leave them and get replaced by others.

Training horses to ride is a next to impossible task without first building a good relationship with them. Hence, knowing your horse builds the foundation of a successful horse riding career.

Horse riding lessons


Some people think it’s rather useless to go for horse riding lessons unless you are looking to go very deep into the sport. In most cases, however, they are wrong.

Even if you are an occasional rider and just intend to have some quick fun, taking up some horse riding lessons is a must.

They will not only let you come back and continue enjoying the sport whenever you like, but also ensure you have an exciting and thrilling experience without compromising on your safety.

Hence, these are not just for competitive and professional riders, but also for beginners and occasional riders alike.

Lessons help you get rid of all types of bad habits as well as misunderstandings such as the popular belief like holding a horse very tightly encourages him to run faster.

While going with some of the western horse riding lessons, one can have the privilege of riding a horse in the presence of an expert, and hence improve his riding abilities many folds.

Going for such horseback riding lessons also help you gain access to some of the rather unique and secret horseback riding tips.

Such type of horse back riding lessons can even come with add-ons like horse back riding for kids, thus helping your whole family learn the sport and enjoy together.

A horse riding lesson doesn’t just mean a set of books on topics like;

  • “learning to ride a horse”
  • “the best horseback riding lesson”
  • “western style horseback riding”

It is way beyond that. If you go with some of the good and popular horseback riding lessons, you will get much more than just books to help you get started as a beginner, like a personal expert trainer, a useful set of DVD’s, some unique equipments, etc.

There exists two types of riding styles;

  • English horse riding
  • Western horseback riding

Usually, the English riding lessons are a bit more time consuming than western horseback riding lessons, simply because the English horse riding style is a bit, could we say sophisticated.

Also, one thing you should keep in mind that no matter how good the horseback lessons are it is your interest which really decides how good you get at horse back riding during these lessons.

You should ask the mentors questions like;

  • horse riding tips for beginners
  • how to learn to ride horses
  • Is training a horse to ride according to his rider’s will possible

Asking such questions shows the mentor who is guiding you that you are really interested in the art of riding and maybe even share some of their personal and secret tips and techniques with you.

Mentors providing lessons on the sport are usually very experienced and know all the ins and outs of it. If you want to take advantage of their experience, try to learn and listen as much as possible.

Setting up the foundation for learning horse riding using the 7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman DVD set

Now, after knowing almost everything about horse riding lessons and many different things about the sport, there isn’t anything much left to get started except probably a special recommendation for everyone who wants to get seriously good at the sport.

As we all know that in almost every sport, the lessons or trainings are never complete without getting to know about the experts of the game and their skills, techniques, etc.

Similarly, even in horse back riding, your learning is never really complete without watching the adventures of Buck Brannaman.

He is one of America’s most renowned and well known horsemen and knows everything about the sport.

Buck Brannaman 7 clinicsTo share his expertise, experience, the ins and outs of horse riding and a lot of unique and secret tips with people interested in learning horse back riding, Buck Brannaman has come up with an awesome and extensive 600 minutes run time DVD set called as 7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman.

This will make you well aware with each and every aspect of this popular and exciting sport.

It is actually based on the material collected while shooting for the award-winning popular film called “Buck”.

In the discs 1 and 2, you can see people visiting Buck Brannaman’s clinics in order to learn some important groundwork techniques like;

  • Leading
  • hooking on
  • halter work
  • saddling
  • bridling
  • working in circles and half circles
  • backing up
  • firming up
  • and using the flag

These are the very important and basic things to learn in order to build a strong base for going forward before learning the more sophisticated and thrilling parts.

After watching these first two DVD’s, you can understand what it takes to ride a horse and a general idea of how you can ride a horse applying these very same techniques.

Discs 3 and 4 of the DVD set go on to teach the more important and sophisticated stuff like;

  • Working under saddle
  • Adopting an unique and soft feel towards your horse
  • Allowing him to attain the much needed collection
  • The will to move off his leg.

It goes on to teach some much deeper level stuff like;

  • Positioning on the horse
  • Putting a perfect stop to the horse
  • Riding serpentines
  • Backing up

In a very understandable and simple way.

Discs 5, 6 & 7 cover some of the most advanced lessons on horseback riding such as;

  • turning on the haunches
  • jumping
  • transitions
  • connecting to the horse in order to understand his or her feelings

Which further helps avoid problems like;

  • striking
  • biting
  • rushing
  • fidgeting
  • attitude
  • sensitivity
  • anxiousness

Then one of the finest horsemen on this planet goes on to explain some of his invaluable tips, advises and ideas on working with and riding horses.

The twists he comes up with using his superior quality wit and experience of the sport helps him present even the most difficult and sophisticated methods in an extremely easy and understandable way.

The in-depth training provided by this set of DVD’s will answer most of your questions like “how to ride a horse western style”, “how to horseback ride”, etc.

It also teaches you some of the common things like;

  • breaking a horse to ride
  • best tips for horse riding for beginners

Buck Brannaman’s natural approach towards the sport and his love for horses benefits and inspires thousands of different types of riders throughout the world.

You will get the feel of his horse riding skills and his wisdom on the sport through these DVD’s.

One can never learn horse back riding the perfect way unless he goes through this DVD set which is believed to have revolutionized the whole equestrian world.

Following what Buck says in the DVD’s, you can avoid more than 90% of all the rough and dangerous rides in the future.

The fact that these DVD’s covers the whole sport is enough to prove that it builds the very foundation of horse riding.

Even if you go for some of the best horses riding lessons without first going through Buck’s set of DVD’s, you are sure to waste a lot of time and money learning things the hard and slow way.

Even more, none of the other beginner horseback riding lessons help avoid serious damages in learning this sport like Buck’s set of DVD’s does.

Unlike many other horse riding lesson plans, it teaches not only;

  • Important ground work
  • Physical issues related to the sport

, but also the much needed;

  • Mental balance
  • Instilling a sense of confidence in yourself
  • As well as transferring these to your horse as well.

While riding a horse, there is a type of mental connection between the rider and the horse, and if the rider gets tense, so will the horse.

It results in an increased pressure on the horse and usually results in some kind of damage to you and increased aggressiveness of the horse towards you.

On the other hand, if you know how to keep your calm in a tough situation while riding the horse, then it can help him feel confident too and instead of throwing you off his back, he regains his best form and performs much more efficiently.

Customer reviews

Most of the people who bought this product are more than pleased with it.

Most of them say it’s the best investment they ever made for their horse or into learning horse riding. It has benefited immensely the beginners and pros alike.

A lot of people love Buck’s approach towards a horse and his unique techniques to build a mutual understanding and a strong bond with him.

A lot of people simply love Buck’s tips in building the much needed mental attitude to ride a horse.

The all amazing horse back riding techniques shown in these DVD’s help in setting up a strong foundation for getting into horse riding.

Hence, it is not something optional but a must have product for people having a genuine interest in learning the super exciting sport of horseback riding.

So, after all of this, I would highly recommend you to start with Buck Brannaman 7 clinic horse riding lessons as this package is the best in the market by far!

Get the latest deal for Buck Brannaman 7 clinic horse riding lessons right here!

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