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Top 5 Best Cowboy Boots For Women

Howdy everybody, it’s Cristina again, today I’m going to tell you all about the cowboy boots for women;

  • First I will tell you shortly about the history of cowboy boots
  • Secondly, I have listed the TOP 5 ladies cowboy boots for you
  • Then, I’ll show you how to find the right fit
  • And finally, I’ll explain how to take care of your boots

You ready? Let’s start…

Let’s face it, when it comes to jobs and professions these days, women can do just about anything a man can do. Running a ranch and working as a cowboy/cowgirl is no different. There are a lot of women out there who can reign in a heifer, round up a mustang and lasso a calf from horseback just as well as any male ranch hand.

Best Cowboy boots for womenBut that cowgirl look isn’t reserved just for the pros. Cowboy boots for women in particular have long held a special place in the wardrobes of fashion-conscious females all over the world. So what is it about the iconic footwear that makes a girl’s heart race a little faster?

In this article, we will be reviewing a few pairs of the finest ladies cowboy boots around at the moment. We’ll also be discussing how you can find the perfect fit and how to keep your favorite cowboy boots clean and well cared for.

But first, let’s go back in time and find out where it all started.

In the beginning of the cowboy boots for women

No one knows for certain where or when the cowboy boot first glimpsed the light of day. Some say Texas, while others are of the view that Kansas is the birthplace of this classic footwear.

We’ll probably never know for sure.

What we do know is that at some time shortly after the American Civil War, one inventive cowboy whose name will never be known, went to a shoemaker and asked to have his work boots modified to better suit a job that entailed sitting in the saddle for long hours every day.

Wellington bootsBack then, the cowboys who drove herds of cattle across the country came to realize the cavalry style wellington boots they’d worn during the war simply weren’t fit for purpose.

The long hours on the trail, galloping through brush and bramble, crossing rivers and creeks demanded a special kind of boot if the cowboy wanted to keep his feet in the hard wooden stirrups for hours on end and still feel comfortable.

A star is born

Traditional cowboy bootsThe classic shape of the cowboy boot was created from practical necessity. A pointed toe made it easier for the foot to slide into the stirrup. Similarly, a taller shaft was needed to protect the legs from barbed wire, thorns and snakes, and a higher heel prevented the foot from slipping through the stirrup during the endless hours spent blazing the trail.

Loops at the top of the boot made them easy to pull on quickly, but the footwear was also designed to be loose enough to allow a cowboy with his foot caught in a stirrup to slip out of them just as fast.

The durable leather used to make the boots protected the foot from being bruised by the stirrups, and the legs from chaffing against the stirrup straps. The outside stitching meant the leather wouldn’t buckle with wear and start to rub against the leg.

Even out of the saddle, the underslung, higher heel served the cowboy well; providing balance when leading his horse down steep and rocky trails. Additionally, the cowboy could dig them into the ground when pulling stubborn cattle and mules.

From practical to stylish

The earliest cowboy boots were designed to be a tool to help and protect the cowboy doing his daily job. They had very little in the way of style but the practical and durable footwear quickly became part of his everyday life. In fact, each pair of boots was custom made: a cowboy had to find a cobbler to get his feet measured and the boots were made purely to fit the individual.

Mail-order boots came much later and at first were regarded as a catchpenny and humbling alternative to the traditional hand-made boots. It didn’t take long for the cheaper and more accessible boots to begin their journey towards becoming a fashion icon.

The usual plain black or brown stitching on the outside of the boot gradually gave way to fancier and more colorful varieties and gradually, overtime intricate patterns and pictures began to be sewn into the leather.

A short time later, boot-makers began to play around with different kinds of overlays and inlays. This led rapidly to an almost limitless array of variations on the original design, and the modern cowboy boot was born.

Women in cowboy boots

It probably didn’t take long for women to follow the lead of their male counterparts. Cowgirls back in the early days were famous for their riding and ranching skills. Some of them even went on to become legendary figures in rodeos and Wild West Shows, and of course, the boots went with them. From there it was just a short step to Hollywood and soon the cowgirl look and the women in cowboy boots swept the world.

Celebrities with cowboy bootsToday, cowboy boots for women are an important part of any fashion-conscious lady’s attire. They represent all the attributes that still belong to our image of the American West.

From feminine chic petite to rowdy and raunchy, the woman’s cowboy boot can project whichever character suits her best and whichever mood she feels at the time. It’s worthwhile to note that cheap cowgirl boots aren’t always the best option for you. But you can still save money on your purchase if you keep an eye out for womens cowboy boots clearance with major retailers like amazon.

Below is a list of some of the best cowboy boots for women on the market.

Take a look and drool and marvel at the wonderful craftsmanship, experience and expertise that goes into making the perfect boot for ranch and dance floor, town and country.

  1. Ariat Women’s Legend Western Boots

Walk and wear the Western Legend

Ariat Womens Legend Western BootsAnother great pair of boots from Ariat, these Legend Western Boots may look cute and sexy but they are also as tough and as durable as the Old West itself. Just as you’d expect from the expert boot-maker.

Available in a whole kaleidoscope of colors and shades, the square toe shape, booster bed and four layer rebound cushion make wearing these boots a joy for your feet and will ensure they stay comfortable for years to come.

Whether dressing up for a stroll around town or giving in to your latent cowgirl impulses, Ariat’s Women’s Legend Western boots are perfect for women and girls who love the feel and excitement of the legendary West.


  • Shaft from arch ca. 11”
  • Around opening ca. 13.75”
  • Heel diameter ca. 1.75”


  • Duratread sole
  • Leather Lining
  • Four row stitch details
  • Goodyear leather welt
  • Full grain foot and upper
  • Square toe
  • Advanced torque stability shank
  • Imported

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  1. Justin Boots Women’s 12” Stampede Boot

 Embracing the spirit of the true West

Justin Boots Women's 12'' Stampede BootMade from fine, quality leather and sporting a durable rubber sole, these adorable pair of Justin 12” Stampede boots are ideal for the woman with a flair for all things Country and Western.

Handmade, with brown rawhide foot and intricate stitching up the scalloped shaft of matching leather, each step you take will echo the great female rodeo stars of yesteryear. The shoe is perfect for the ranch or a night out at your favorite watering hole.


  • Shaft from arch ca. 11”
  • Stockman heel ca. 1 ¼”
  • Around opening ca. 14 ½”


  • J-Flex comfort system
  • Rubber sole
  • Removable insert
  • Full grain rawhide leather
  • Imported

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  1. Ariat Women’s Heritage Western X Toe Western Fashion Boot

 Dressing sharp and acting cool

Ariat Women's Heritage Western X Toe Western Fashion BootThese gorgeous, premium leather boots with triad design and X Toe style are the must-have footwear choice for fun loving cowgirls and ladies with class and panache.

The high quality leather and rubber sole make the boots ideal for dancing the night away at the local hot spot without risking damage to your ankles.

The lovingly made boots come with a 2 and a half inch heel and an intricate and highly attractive six row embroider pattern which is guaranteed to make you the center of attention wherever you go and whatever you do.

Walk the line with your head held high and enjoy the comfort of a quality pair of cowgirl boots for women made by a company who produce the some of the most technologically advanced riding footwear in the world.


  • Shaft from arch ca. 12.5”
  • Upper ca. 12”


  •  Six row stitching details
  • Full grain leather shaft and foot
  • Rubber sole
  • X toe
  • Triad design
  • Imported

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  1. Ariat Women’s Heritage Western R Toe Fashion Boot

Live, Work and Ride in Style

Ariat Women's Heritage Western R Toe Fashion BootAriat is among the leading manufacturers of footwear and apparel for equestrian athletes all over the world. The company has long since made a name for themselves in the realm of fashionable ladies cowboy boots. These imported Heritage Western R Toe Boots are no exception.

From the fancy embroider stitching on the shaft down to the matching leather foot, every inch of these traditional western-style boots exhibit an exquisite attention to detail and pay tribute to Ariat’s extremely high quality standards.

With the handy pull-on loops, single stitched welt, cowgirl heel and round toe, these boots not only look great, they will provide you with hours of walk-and-wear comfort and protect your toes, ankles, calves and shins from just about anything the elements can throw at you.


  • Shaft from arch ca. 11”
  • Around opening ca. 14.25”
  • Heel ca. 1.5”


  • Classic R Toe
  • Duartread sole
  • Full grain leather
  • Composite shank with Advanced Torque Stability
  • Eight row stitch pattern
  • Leather lining
  • Imported

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  1. Justin Boots Women’s Square-toe Bent Rail Boot

Stepping out in Cowgirl Fashion

Justin Boots Women's Square-toe Bent Rail BootIf you’re going for that fancy and stylish Country and Western look then these pair of Square-toe Bent Rail Boots from Justin Boots will be perfect for you. Probably more suitable for a leisurely stroll along main street than back home on the ranch, these ladies fashion cowboy boots come with a creamy chocolate foot which is deliciously offset by the sassy stitching on the 11” shaft.

The boot has a smooth leather sole, a 1 5/8” high heel and double stitched welt. Inside it’s leather all the way with taped comfort side seams, a leather lining, leather covered insole cushion and a 3x density insole board.

A genuine Made in the US product, these boots represent excellent value for money, come in a wide range of colors and sizes and are exactly suitable for a fun night out or a relaxing day at the mall.


  • Shaft from arch ca. 12.75”
  • Around opening ca. 12.5”
  • Heel ca. 1.25”


  • Midsole memory foam
  • Leather uppers
  • Leather sole
  • Pull tabs
  • J-Flex Comfort System
  • J-Flex OutSole
  • Made in USA

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Tips for the right fit

Once you’ve found the perfect cowgirl boot you’ll want to make sure it fits you properly. Fitting for a cowboy boot is totally different to fitting a shoe. Here are a few tips about how the right size boot should feel on your foot:

The heel

Except for the heel, the foot should fit snugly inside the boot. The heel SHOULD ALWAYS SLIP in a new boot, but don’t worry, once they’ve been broken in the heel leather will become soft and the boot will mold itself around the foot and conform to the movement and shape of the heel.

The ball

The ball of your foot should sit comfortably at the widest part of the boot. It’s important not to feel for a good fit with your toes as you would with a shoe. The correct position of the ball of the foot will guarantee a good fit throughout. The very shape of a cowboy boot is designed to have a narrow toe box and this could become uncomfortable very quickly.

The instep

The vamp (instep) should fit over the top of the arch of the foot— slightly more close-fitting than a normal shoe.

Choosing the right size

Boot sizes may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and it’s always best to begin with your normal shoe size and see how it feels.

Always try on both boots and be aware that socks, even nylons can increase the size of your fit by up to half a number. For the ‘inbetweeners’ out there it’s recommended to go for the larger of the two sizes. And for those with different sized feet, go with the biggest.

Cowboy boots made specifically for women are generally labeled ‘B’ for standard width, ‘A’ for narrow and wide for ‘C.’

If these variations are not available then it’s recommended to try a ½ size smaller for a narrow foot and ½ size larger for a wide foot.

It’s also a good idea to wear boot socks with your boots. These socks are specially designed to reduce the amount of slippage and lessen shock.

They also provide a comfortable over the calf, stay put fit which compliments the high shaft. And they are perfect for absorbing sweat and keeping your feet warm and dry— no matter how long you wear them.

Tips for the care of cowboy boots


Just like any other skin, leather will react to its environment. First and foremost, cleaning dust of your new boot is the most important thing to remember when caring for your cherished footwear.

Dust has a habit of settling into the creases of the leather and much like sandpaper will scratch and eventually cut into the finish of the boot with each step you take. With time the dust will also begin to cut into the very fabric of the leather, causing cracks and even splits.

For this reason it’s always a good idea to regularly dust off your boots, even if you don’t plan to shine them up. You don’t need any special brushes or cloths for this— anything clean and soft will do the trick. And remember, you can never wipe a cowboy boot too much.


Leather cowboy boots need regular cleaning and conditioning. Start by getting rid of any mud or dirt with a damp cloth and then give them a good brushing until they are clean.


Conditioner should be applied while the surface of the boot is still moist and then buffed with a soft cloth once it has dried. Next, apply the cream and buff to a bright shine. It’s generally better to choose a cream a shade or two darker than the color of your boots.

The leather will fade with time: the cream ensures they’ll keep their original look for longer. Use matching creams for each pair of boots and try never to mix up the brushes. One color—one brush!

Boots made from exotic leathers have a deeper texture and tend not to absorb creams and conditioners as quickly as normal leather. Apply in thin layers rather than all at once.

Snakeskins, for example, should have the conditioner applied against the scales and then gently buffed in the scale direction. Snakeskin boots should never be allowed to completely dry out.

Finally, a word about boot wax. Although it’s not really needed, wax is often applied to achieve a spit shine. Remember that the wax is water based and will dry out the boot. For this reason it’s always best to apply boot wax over a layer of cream.

I hope I could help you out with the ladies cowboy boots and help you to choose the right pair of boots that you will love to wear for a long time.

Best Regards