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Best Horse Games For Girls 2019

horse games for girlsIt isn’t true that only the boys like to play computer games. Statistics reveal that many girls love to spend hours in front of their computers playing games as well. The only difference is that the types of games girls play are way different than the type played by the boys.

Boys usually go with action and thrilling games, as against the more creative games that provide the players with a personalized experience. Girls usually end up falling in love with a game where they can just take care of the characters, like dressing them, becoming a princess, play as a team with someone in the game, then be a human or an animal, etc.

One particular game genre loved by girls is horse games.

These horse games for girls provide a very personalized gaming experience, allowing the players to design their own character as well as the horse in the game, build a horse riding empire, compete with other horses and improve their horse’s skills by training them, making them participate in races, etc, and these turn out to be incredibly interesting for the girls.

However, not all horse riding games are that interesting, most are very limited for what they offer and the players lose their interest after a while. However, some of the virtual horse games online are pretty amusing, and you can find yourself playing these games for quite a while.

Also, as some of these horse jumping games are based on an interesting and realistic concept, that involves building a long term relationship with a virtual horse, girls find them pretty amusing.

Hence, if you have an interest in playing such horseback riding games, we have something that wouldn’t fail to impress and amuse you.

Below we have listed websites that offer some of the best and most involving 3d horse games, sim horse games, virtual horse riding games, horse show jumping games, online horse breeding games and even a lot of creative horse dress up games.

Also, you can play most of these horse games for free. So let us take a look at these sites:


Digiturf offers one of the most realistic horse back riding games.

It allows you to get the feel of actually owning a real horse and getting into the horse riding sport and business.

As this website offers only a virtual horse game and nothing else, the website’s developer team is able to work on delivering nothing but one of the best horse games for girls.

Also, it is not just limited to virtual playing, but you can play with real stakes as well. By depositing just $1, you can start playing for real stakes besides getting a free grade 2 horse.

The game starts with owning a virtual race horse and a stable

Then the game progresses something like this;

  • You can participate in unlimited free races and improve your racing skills.
  • Train your horse in order to help him remain perfectly fit and keep improving his performance.
  • Manage your stable and apply unique strategies that will help you win more races.
  • Buy more horses, and track them through a system that allows easy tracking based on their distances, race categories, specific surface performance, etc.
  • Go on to race against some of the more big players and progress through various division races.

Winning big races will also win you trophies and many other rewards, including real cash prizes.

Hence, if you are someone really interested in online virtual horse games, then going with Digiturf can turn out to be not only entertaining, but also a rewarding experience for you.


Bigfishgames is a website that offers a huge variety of games, ranging from computer games, online games, mobile games and so on.

Amongst this huge variety of games are some highly engaging kids horse games as well as other realistic horse games.

The graphics it offers is such a superb quality that everything seems very real. It also offers some online horse racing games that you can play in your browser completely free.

These games will also allow you to save your progress so that you can continue playing them the next time you get on from where you left.

Hence, it would become your daily entertainer as it involves growing into a big player in the game slowly and gradually, doing a lot of interesting stuff and racking your brains to put in some creativity.


When it comes to playing games online as well as downloading them, Gamehouse leads the way.

Being an authority site in the gaming websites niche, Gamehouse has a lot to offer.

Now, as far as girl horse games are concerned, Gamehouse offers a really involving one.

Planet horse, one of the few interesting and addictive horse stable games available on the website, this offers you an opportunity to turn on your creativity and take on the other big horse owners.

It involves growing from a small horse owner into someone that carries a level of authority on the field.

You can select a horse from a variety of breeds and care for him, make him participate in various races in order to discover and build his skills, train him to become an even better racing horse and win various big races.

You also have the option of purchasing important accessories that will help you in dominating the bigger races. Participating in various events will be a really exciting experience as well.

You can download the free version of such free virtual horse games from this website and buy the paid version if you like the trial.


Gamestop is a favorite of a lot of gamers throughout the globe.

The huge variety of games it offers attracts people of all ages, nationality, etc. and boys and girls alike. From kids to teenagers to more serious gamers, all manage to find something that is more than able of keeping them busy for hours at a time.

Now, when it comes to offering horse racing games online and some more sophisticated real horse games, Gamestop delivers big time.

From dress up horse games like the;

  • Barbie horse adventures

for small girls to the more sophisticated and involving;

  • My horse and me
  • Riders paradise

Gamestop doesn’t disappoint at delivering an excitement of peak level even in this wild horse games niche.


Another leader in the gaming niche, Gamefly, offers nothing but the best.

The games offered by this website are some of the most innovative and unique ones you would ever see.

Also, this website not only sells game, but also rents them. This enables you to properly test the games before buying.

However, you won’t regret even if you go ahead and click the buy button on one of them straightaway.

Horse games for girls come in various categories such as;

  • horse sim games
  • virtual pony games
  • horse breeding games
  • horse simulation games
  • horse ranch games
  • jumping horse games

However, if you are looking for a perfect blend of all these categories, he or she should head over straight to the Gamefly website, for they offer some of the perfect and complete package of such horse games.

Some of the games offered by Gamefly in this category include the super sweet and creative Pony friends, the all popular Riding camp and so on.

The best thing is that these games are offered for a 1 month free trial, and you do not have to pay even a dime if you don’t like them.

This in itself shows that the website is quite confident of the quality of its games, and knows that they offer an exclusive quality of entertainment to its customers.


It wouldn’t be wise to leave out the biggest online retailer when it comes to buying horse games, as it is believed to offer nothing but the best.

Amazon has a wide variety of horse games for girls as well, including the Horse life, My riding stables, Petz horse club, etc.

One of the biggest advantages of buying a horse game from Amazon is that you get to know reviews of other customers.

This helps you big time in avoiding games that are rather boring and super low quality.

Also, as a lot of developers simply release some low quality horse games with absurd graphics and boring and repetitive concept. Hence, getting to know other customers reviews on the games comes in handy.


The above given are some of the biggest and best gaming sites, and offer a lot of horse games for girls that are sure to keep the players involved for a long time.

Some of the games they offer do not fail to deliver a realistic feel of the horse riding sport and business, and hence can turn out to be a really exciting experience for you as you will get to sense the thrill similar to the real horse riding sport.

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