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Best Horse Riding Boots 2019 - Horse Tack & Gear
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Best Horse Riding Boots 2019

vintage horse riding bootsHorse riding boots are one of the most important equipment you will require.It is important that you select the perfect one for yourself based on the advantages and disadvantages they provide.So let’s have a look at various Boots available out there in the market.

Ariat Women’s Legend Boots Review

Ariat Women’s Legend Boot Review

These horse riding boots have the style and comfort to be worn anywhere you’d like. The leather and design on these ariat boots is something you’ll undoubtedly appreciate.

The major, and basically only, issue with these western horseback riding boots seems to be the size. A lot of users complained about the boot running at least a half size, sometimes even a full size, too big.

Let’s take a look at some of the other pros and cons of the Ariat Women’s Legend Boots:


  • Very Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Short Break in Time

1. Riding in Style

These ariat tall riding boots are as stylish as it gets for women. With a great color and a unique leather design, the presentation on these horse riding boots is definitely a thing of beauty.

Many customers mentioned that they don’t just wear the boots for horse riding but also throughout the day. They’re definitely stylish enough to pull a fashion statement no matter where you intend to wear them.

2. Comfy As Can Be

Once you get the size right the comfort of these girls horse riding boots is phenomenal. Riders raved at the fact that they rarely attracted blisters when wearing them and that in general they just provided a very enjoyable experience.

3. Short Break in Time

One of the most annoying things about purchasing boots for horse riding is the part where you have to break them in. That doesn’t seem to be a problem with this horse riding boots. Most riders mentioned that it took them only a couple of weeks to break them in exactly how they wanted them.


  • Tend to run a little big
  • Expensive

1. Size Issues

The size issue is overwhelming the biggest problem with these ariat womens cowboy boots. Most customers recommended buying a size down simply because they seemed to run a half size or so too big. The narrow top also had a lot of riders complaining about blisters on the top of their calves.

They tend to run very narrow on the calves area while running far too big in the actual foot area. Both issues can prove to be quite annoying as it leads to not really having any comfort anywhere. If you usually have trouble fitting in a lot of long riding boots, due to your calves having a bit more muscle than most, then you can expect to have a little trouble with these.

Long riding boots, especially womens horse riding boots, are always going to be a little tricky to deal with as far as size goes but these narrow calf riding boots seem to give a little more trouble than most.

Other than the problem with returning, these ariat boots for women are definitely top of the line. A lot of customers mentioned that the fact that they run big could be solved fairly easily by wearing thicker socks.

2. Fairly Expensive

The Ariat Women’s Legend Boot is definitely not a cheap one. While the style and look of the boot is definitely something to marvel about, it doesn’t come cheap. Expect to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $150-$200.

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Ariat Women’s Fatbaby II Boot Review

Ariat Women’s Fatbaby II Boot Review

Ariat has never had trouble delivering high quality boots at a reasonable price, and these Ariat Fatbaby II Boots follow through as well.

Ariat has a reputation for having a bit of trouble with their sizing. It’s not that big of a deal but the return process can definitely get a bit annoying.

Here’s a look at some of the other pros and cons of the Ariat Fatbaby II:


  • Comfort
  • High quality
  • Great value
  • Lots of options
  • Designed to prevent a lot of sweat and odor

1. Comfort for Days

The suede leather on the top of calves of these boots is something you’ll definitely notice. A lot of boots can give issues with developing blisters on the calf due to being too tight or having rough material. Usually that forces riders to wear higher and thicker socks in order to prevent it. You won’t have to worry about that with these ariat fatbaby cowgirl boots.

If you’re looking for comfort at a solid price you can’t go wrong with these cheap horseback riding boots.

2. High Quality Boots

These ariat boots for women were definitely designed with quality in mind, as the suede leather and stirrup friendly features give this boot some top of the line quality.

3. Great Value

With prices hovering in the $70-$110 range, these horse riding boots provide a nice little value for the quality that they offer.

4. Ton of Options

It’s fairly rare to see a specific boot offer as many options as these horseback riding shoes offer. While it may not be the most stylish boot on the market, theres a good chance you’ll be able to find something you like with over ten different options to choose from.

5. No Smell

Customers that purchase this shoe will be very satisfied with the odor and sweat protection agents that it provides. A lot of high quality leather horse riding boots can get hot and start to produce an awful lot of sweat, which these Ariat English riding boots for women do a great job of preventing.


  • Issues with size
  • Not the most stylish on the market

1. Yet Another Size Issue

Many customers have mentioned that this boot can run both large and small. If you’re thinking about purchasing these ariat fatbaby boots you’ll want to be absolutely certain that the size is something that is going to work out for you.

They do seem to fit much better as extra wide calf riding boots than most others but one of the issues has been with a smaller foot area than desirable. Measuring size is an issue with just about all horse riding shoes so this isn’t all that significant of a downfall, although constantly having to return your boots for horseback riding can definitely get annoying.

2. Style – Not So Much

You can definitely find some horse riding boots women that are a bit more stylish than this boot. The look can sometimes be mistaken for that of cheap horse riding boots, which is something that can turn a lot of riders off.

The design looks a little bit generic although, if it’s a design you enjoy, then you’re not going to find a much better value than what these horse riding boots for girls offer. As we mentioned above, ariat fat baby boots do offer a ton of different options to help you find what you like.

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Justin Boots Women’s Gypsy Boot Review

Justin Boots Women’s Gypsy Boot Review

The Justin gypsy boot is one of the most popular boots available today. With the comfort and durability that they provide, it’s not much difficult to understand why.

While these western horse riding boots have a bit of a cheap look to them, there are plenty of options for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of the Justin Boots Women’s Gypsy Boot:


  • Durability
  • Great Price
  • Popularity
  • Options
  • Comfort
  • Easy to Get on & Off

1. Durability

The Justin boots have become known for their durability and long lasting qualities. Riders definitely purchase these boots with the long term in mind, and they won’t be disappointed by what they provide in that area.

2. Great Price

A lot of the Justin boots can be found for between $60-$100, which is a great price for the durability and comfort that they offer.

3. Extremely Popular

This could either be a pro or a con, depending on how you look at it, but these justin gypsy boots are one of the most popular boots on the market. On one hand you’re probably going to see quite a few other riders wearing the same boots for riding horses as you. On the other hand these definitely aren’t going to help you pull off any unique fashion statements.

One of the major reasons that these boots have become so popular is that they aren’t just justin boots for men or women. They feature sizes and styles for men, women, and children to find exactly what they’re looking for.

If you’re a little hesitant to buy these horse riding boots, you can at least have some peace of mind knowing that you’re purchasing a boot that thousands of other customers have already thoroughly enjoyed.

4. Comfort

The comfort provided by these Justin gypsy boots is undeniable and is the number one reason that these boots have become so popular. The memory foam midsole helps to make for a very comfortable experience with these boots.

5. Options

The options available in these Justin boots are another reason they’ve become so popular. There are a good 20+ options available, so be sure to check them all out before deciding on horse riding boots for sale.

6. Easy to Get on & Off

This isn’t a big deal to most riders but I felt it was significant enough to mention in this justin boots review. These boots provide easy access to both put them on and take them off with simplicity similar to slipping on a pair of sandals.


  • Size issue
  • Cheap Feeling

1. Size

Surprise…another boot that has problems with sizing. Most customers didn’t feel that this was a huge issue but it was undoubtedly significant enough to mention in this Justin boots review.

Considering that these boots are made as Justin boots for women, men, and children, the problems with sizing is actually not as big of a deal as most other horse riding boots.

2. Somewhat Cheap Looking

A lot of riders clearly disagree with this sentiment but it seemed to me that these boots were a bit cheap looking. If style is your biggest concern, you can definitely find a few better options than this.

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It is easy to see that although there is lots of variety available for the horse riding shoes, almost all of them have the disadvantage of size issues. So if you plan on purchasing one, ensure you find yourself the perfect fit.

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