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Best Horse Riding Gloves 2019 - Horse Tack & Gear
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Best Horse Riding Gloves 2019

Horse riding glovesYou need to have proper and comfortable equipment to be good at any sports. It is the same with horse riding.

Hence below, some information about different horse riding gloves have been provided so that you are able to choose the gloves based on your own preference.

 Ovation Child Heart & Horse Gloves Review

Ovation Child Heart & Horse Gloves Review

The Ovation Child Heart & Horse Gloves provide one of the best values on the market today. With durability and flexibility that won’t restrict the rider’s movement, these are a great asset to any beginner rider.

Ovation gloves have always had a bit of trouble with their sizing, which is also an issue with these gloves. We’d suggest ordering a few sizes up if you plan on purchasing these gloves.

Here’s a further look at some of the pros and cons of these ovation riding gloves:


  • Inexpensive
  • Great flexibility
  • Heart & Horse Design Perfect for Kids
  • Multiple Color Options
  • High Quality

These ovation riding gloves will only cost you between $10-$40, making them one of the most inexpensive kids riding gloves on the market.

1. Great Flexibility
The great flexibility that these kids horse riding gloves offer is a huge plus for kids who are just starting their riding careers. Flexibility and durability are both essential qualities of horseback riding gloves, especially when you’re just beginning to learn the ropes.

2. Interesting Design for Kids

If you’re looking for horse riding gloves for kids than the design that these horseback riding gloves provides is perfect. While the heart design may be catered a little more towards girls, the multiple color options make them an attractive option for male riders as well.

3. Multiple Color Options

Ovation offers these heart and horse gloves in six different colors – black, black/grey, pink/black, purple/black, light brown/chocolate, and sky blue/navy.

4. High Quality – Great Value

Multiple parents marveled at high good of quality these children’s riding gloves turned out to be, especially at the price. They provide strong protection against cold weather and are durable enough to last most kids through their childhood years of riding.

If you’re looking for a solid pair of ovation gloves at a cheap price, these horse and heart gloves definitely do their job.


  • Size Issues
  • Size Issues Continued

1. Far Too Small

The sizing of the ovation riding gloves is overwhelming the biggest issue with them. Many parents have been quite annoyed with the numbering system that ovation has provided over the years, claiming that they have had to return the gloves multiple times to find the right size.

The flexibility and stretchiness of the gloves makes it a little easier to handle the small fitting gloves but we would still suggest ordering a much higher size than you normally would.

2. No Really, They’re Small

The size issue is definitely worth reiterating to ensure that you don’t find yourself returning these children’s riding gloves over and over again before you finally find the right fit. A few customers mentioned that they had to order as much as four sizes higher than they normally do for their horseback riding gloves.

I would suggest ordering at least three sizes higher to make sure that they match what you’re looking for. If ovation would fix this sizing problem we would definitely be all in on these gloves as the best on the market for kids horse riding gloves.

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Heritage Performance Glove Review

Heritage Performance Glove Review

The heritage performance gloves are some of the more popular horseback riding gloves on the market. The comfortability and solid fit that the heritage gloves provide make them a solid option for riders looking for cold weather riding gloves.

The heritage performance gloves do run a little bit expensive for how long they tend to last. Riders can usually expect to get a solid year out these gloves, which is a bit disconcerting to a lot of customers.

Here’s a look at some of the other pros and cons of these equestrian riding gloves:


  • Comfortable Fitting
  • Tons of Great Options
  • Can use Smartphone with them on
  • Solid Gloves for Winter Use

1. Very comfortable Fit

Many customers were very happy with the comfortable fit that these heritage gloves offered. They seem to be quite flexible and have a lot of versatility as far as movement. A lot of customers mentioned using them for things other than riding, which once again proves their versatility.

2. Lots of Interesting Options

There are a ton of interesting options for the color or design you’d like on your heritage riding gloves. Everything from leopard and cheetah designs to star and horseshoe designs are available, as are over ten different color options.

3. Smartphone Use Available

Some riders will be happy to know that you can still use your Smartphone when using the heritage performance riding gloves. I feel that it is kind of unfortunate that I have to put this pro on here but modern day riders certainly are much more prone to having their smart phones with them when out on a ride than in the past.

4. Solid Winter Gloves

While many riders mentioned that they also use their heritage gloves during the summer months, they are definitely designed more heavily towards winter month gloves. The tight fit nature of the gloves makes for a lot of sweaty hands, which can be a bit annoying in the summer.


  • Low Quality
  • Perspiration Issues
  • Not Great in Rainy Conditions

1. Fairly Low Quality

One of the bigger issues with these horseback riding gloves is the quality that they provide. Multiple customers mentioned that their gloves started falling apart in less than a year of use. That’s certainly not something you want to have to worry about when buying high quality cold weather riding gloves.

2. Perspiration

The heritage gloves are definitely aimed more towards being cold weather riding gloves than an all-round the year type of glove. A lot of riders complained about constant sweat when they were riding in warmer or even slightly cool temperatures. While that doesn’t bother a lot of riders it can be a nuisance if it is extremely hot out.

3. Trouble in Rain

While these are considered to be heritage extreme weather gloves, a few riders mentioned having a bit of trouble controlling their grip when it rained. It doesn’t seem to be a major issue but it’s definitely something worth mentioning if you plan on using these gloves in different weather conditions.

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SSG Summer Gripper Gloves Review

SSG Summer Gripper Gloves Review

The SSG Summer Gripper Gloves offer one of the best values available on the market today. With a price tag of $5-$10 and a shelf life of right around a year, you can’t beat what the value that these ssg riding gloves have to offer.

With a cheap price tag usually comes cheap quality, and that’s no different with these ssg horse riding gloves. Cheap quality and trouble in the winter are the summer gripper’s two major flaws.

Let’s take a look at a more detailed version of the pros and cons:


  • Very Inexpensive
  • Washable
  • Lots of Options
  • Overall Great Value

1. You Won’t Find a Cheaper Pair

The price of these SSG all-weather gloves is the biggest reason for their major popularity. Prices range in the $5-$10 neighborhood, which is an absolute steal for a glove of any type of quality. The fact that a lot of riders have said they’ve lasted them for between six months and a year means this is a tremendous value.

2. Washable

The fact that these SSG horse riding gloves are washable adds to their value even more. No matter who you are there are going to be plenty of times in your riding career where you end up in the dirt, and therefore with dirty western gloves, so being able to wash your gloves is definitely a blessing that you’ll appreciate.

3. Lots of Options

We already mentioned that the SSG riding gloves are some of the cheapest on the market but it’s also nice to see the array of color options that they offer. While they don’t have near as many design options that some of the other brands have, they do have a huge assortment of different color combinations to choose from.

4. Overall Great Value

If you’re looking to purchase these horseback riding gloves it’s probably for one major reason…you’re looking for a great value. That’s exactly what these horseback riding gloves provide.


  • Cheap Quality
  • Not Very Warm
  • Sizing Issues

1. Cheap Quality

These are definitely not made of high quality material. That, however, should be expected considering the incredibly low price. They’re not of such low quality that they fall apart the minute you use them but the quality differential between these and some of the better horseback riding gloves is definitely noticeable.

If you’re looking to buy these SSG horse riding gloves I would make sure you consider whether you’re looking for high quality or whether something that is extremely cheap but of lower to medium quality will do.

2. Not Very Warm

I definitely wouldn’t say that these are SSG all-weather riding gloves as the thinness of the gloves makes it difficult to keep your hands warm when dealing with overly cold temperatures. I would suggest looking more towards the SSG winter riding gloves if you’re looking for something that will be sufficient during the colder months.

3. Sizing Issues

A lot of customers mentioned having a little bit of trouble with glove sizes on these SSG riding gloves. While that is normal for a lot of different glove brands, the troubling part about it is that there seemed to be a mix of people saying they were either too big or too small. Obviously that can provide for a lot of frustration if you’re trying to figure out exactly what your size should be.

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These horse riding gloves have a choice between comfort, economy and quality. You may choose them depending upon your personal preference and need.

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