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Best Horse Riding Helmets 2019

Horse riding helmetsIntroduction

Safety is always of paramount importance when it comes to sports and horse riding helmets are on the top of the list. Even a little negligence can be fatal if you would have an accident. In horse riding, nothing provides as much protection as the helmet. Hence it becomes important to select a helmet which can provide safety and comfort.

Since comfort is a relative word and can mean different for every individual, it is good to know what different horse riding helmet provides with, so that one can select the helmet most suitable for himself.

Ovation Schooler Helmet Review

Ovation Schooler Helmet Review

The Ovation Schooler Helmet offers a great combination of style and comfortability. It’s also available at a tremendous value for what it gives riders over the long term.

We only found a few things of any significance that were wrong with the helmet. You can check them out below in our review of the pros and cons:


  • Extremely stylish look
  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Very comfortable when it fits right
  • Made to last long term
  • Available in many different colors

1. As stylish as it gets

One of the trademarks of ovation helmets has always been that they provide top notch style and this helmet certainly follows up on that. Even the flow vents, which are intended to keep you cool throughout your ride, have an appealing look.

It’s not near as bulky as most other kids horse riding helmets you’ll find out there but it still maintains the same level of safety that all the best equestrian helmets have.

A lot of people may get a little self conscious about the mushroom or bubbly look that a lot of cheap horse riding helmets have. You won’t have to worry about that with these ovation riding helmets.

2. Can’t Beat the Price

The Ovation Schooler Helmet is one of the best values on the market as far as price to long term use goes.

This English riding helmet provides top of the line quality for riders with features such as a rubberized finish and adjustment teeth designed to last over the long run.

Prices range: $45-$75… 

3. Comfort

Almost all of Amazon’s reviewers marveled at how incredibly comfortable it was while still maintaining top notch safety. You’ll most likely have the same opinion as long as you’re sure you choose the right size.

4. Long Term Use

As we mentioned before, this is one of the best horse riding helmets on the market for buyers looking to find something that is going to last them long term.

5. Tons of Options

The Ovation Schooler Helmet is available in six different colors – White, Black, Purple, Blue, Tan, and Dark Grey.


  • Tend to run a little small which can cause headaches, both literally and figuratively
  • Straps are attached to outside instead of the inside, which can be annoying at times

1. Little Small

The ovation helmets seem to run a little bit smaller, size wise, than most other helmets so you may be wise to purchase a size up if you have a head size that you know is in between. There is an adjustable dial that help make this horseback riding helmet as comfortable as possible although some riders have complained that it is somewhat difficult to use.

2. Annoying Straps

The straps aren’t really a big deal for most riders but it can get a little annoying since the strap tends to rub a on your chin and cheeks a bit differently than most. I wouldn’t make a buying decision based on this alone but we’re here to provide top notch equestrian helmet reviews so pointing out everything is essential.

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Troxel Spirit Review

Troxel Spirit Review

If you’re looking for cheap riding helmets for kids, you can’t beat what the Troxel riding helmets offer. With a ton of different options and the durability to last long term, this is a great option for any parent looking for solid children’s riding helmet.

The biggest issue with this helmet is that it seems to be designed as a children’s riding helmet yet many customers have complained that it runs quite big on their kids. While this can be an issue it also allows your kids the opportunity to grow into the helmet, leading to longer usage.

You can check out our list of pros and cons for the helmet below:


  • Extremely competitive price
  • Endless amount of options
  • Large vents to optimize cooling
  • Innovative Headliner
  • Durable Shell

1. Great Price

You’re not going to find a better price than the Troxel Spirit has to offer. A lot of the newer versions are going for anywhere between $30 to $45, which can’t be beat when you’re looking for horse riding helmets for sale.

2. Options Galore

There are an absolute ton of different options available. With everything from star pony to American designs, you’ll be hard pressed to find children’s horse riding helmets with as many cool designs as this one has to offer.

3. Great Cooling System

A lot of customers raved about the cooling system in the helmet, as it did a great job of preventing a ton of perspiration on riders.

4. Extremely Durable

Customers that enjoy the comfort and design offered by the Troxel helmets have also talked about the fact that it is extremely durable. Don’t be surprised if it still looks fairly new when you’re selling it at the neighborhood yard sale in 20 years.


  • Not the most stylish helmet on the market
  • More geared towards children and teens
  • Problems with sizes
  • Not very comfortable

1. Not the Most Stylish Helmet Available

The Troxel Spirit looks much more like a bike helmet than an equestrian helmet. It’s a great practice helmet, especially for the price, but I wouldn’t suggest purchasing it with the intention of using it during shows.

2. Geared Towards Children & Young Teens

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but the Troxel Spirit, with its many design options and durability, seems to be much more of a horse riding helmet for kids than adults or older teens. While there are a ton of design options, most of them are of the childish variety. This is, however, one of the best equestrian helmets for kids.

3. Size May Run a Bit Big

For some reason a lot of customers have had trouble with this horseback riding helmet due to size issues. Multiple people have complained about purchasing the helmet for a child, only to have it run far too big and therefore be useless.

If you’re a regular customer of Troxel helmets than you may not have this problem but customers who are basing their measurements off of generic sizes may want to be sure that the Troxel sizes match up.

4. Comfort May Be an Issue

It seems as if a lot of people that complained about comfort were older riders, which is another reason we mentioned that this helmet may not be one of the best horse riding helmets for adults and older teens.

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Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Helmet Review

Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Helmet Review

Riders looking for the whole package are going to be very satisfied if they decide to go with the Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Helmet. It offers comfort, top notch safety, and a cooling system that will leave riders as sweat free as possible.

While this Tipperary riding helmet is a bit bulkier than some riders may like, the bulky look is definitely put to good use with the comfort and protection that its pads provide.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this Tipperary helmet.


  • Top Notch Safety Features
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Tons of options
  • Very Durable
  • Great Cooling System

1. One of the Safest Helmets in the Industry

The protection and impact absorption system in the Tipperary Sportage is the best in the business. The ABS material and high quality shell helps this Tipperary helmet offer safety that simply can’t be competed with. Any and all cross country riders will definitely want to take a look at this product.

A few extremely satisfied customers have even mentioned that the protection this helmet provides may have saved their life. I’m not sure there are too many helmets where you’ll hear reviews like that. Its safety features make this one of the best horseback riding helmets for kids.

2. Comfort like No Other

Riders of this Tipperary helmet rave about the comfort that it offers. With multiple pads aligned perfectly inside, riders have mentioned that they sometimes don’t even notice that the helmet is on.

3. Tons of Options

Riders looking for a bit of style will be happy to know that there are a lot of different options for their Tipperary helmet. They offer a lot of different mixed colors which is quite rare in the industry. Some of the main colors they offer are cocoa brown, navy, purple, hunter green, carbon grey, and then obviously the usual black and white.

4. Durability

This helmet was definitely designed for durability and, with its world class safety features, it offers just that. You can expect this helmet to last for quite some time and you can’t get a better durability review than customers claiming that it has saved their lives.

5. Cool as Ice

Riders in warmer climates will be happy to know that the ventilation system in the Tipperary horseback riding helmets is very high quality. Despite its bulky look, the vents are large and help prevent a ton of perspiration.


  • A little bit more bulky than most people would like
  • A bit expensive

1. Bulky Look

Some riders may be turned off a bit by the bulky look of this helmet. It’s definitely bigger than most of the horseback riding helmets out there.

That’s essentially the trade off you get with a helmet that offers so much protection and padding for the rider.

2. Price

This is definitely one of the more expensive horse riding helmets for sale. Most new versions are going for anywhere between $ 65-$95.

As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. If, however, you’re looking for top notch quality and not worried about the price this is one of the better options out there.

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After taking a look at the advantages and the disadvantages that these helmets provide, it won’t be all that difficult to select the one that provides you with the best combination. It would always be safe to select the helmet which will best meet the needs of the rider.

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