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Best Horse Riding Saddles 2019

Best Horse Riding SaddlesSaddles are important equipment in horse riding. It is like a seat in a car and provides all the comfort without which horse riding would have been a weary affair. Hence to select a saddle is one of the important decisions you need to make while opting for horse riding. Hence let us take a look at various types of saddle and what they have to provide.

Wintec All Rounder Western Saddle Review

Wintec All Rounder Western Saddle Review

This wintec western saddle is a tremendous option for anyone looking for quality horse riding saddles. Weighing in at only 19 pounds, this wintec saddle also has the quality and comfort that we’ve all come to expect from the wintec brand.

One issue with this youth saddle is that it doesn’t really have the look of a show saddle. It has a bit of a plastic look to it and definitely isn’t for riders looking to show off their style.

Let’s take a look at some of the other pros and cons of these horse riding saddles:


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Water repellant
  • Long lasting

1. Lightweight – Only 19 Pounds!

Parents or riders looking for a solid youth western saddle won’t have to look any further. The lightweight quality of these horse riding saddles allows anybody, no matter what your age or physical capabilities, the ability to easily take off and put on the saddle.

The price, combined with the fact that it is only 19 pounds, make this a great option as a kids saddle as well.

1. Comfort at its Finest

Many riders raved about the comfortability of this lightweight western saddle, especially for having so little excess padding.

3. Weather Resistant

Riding in a bad weather is all too common for most riders so it’s important to have a saddle that you know will be unaffected by rain. It’s nice to find some cheap western saddles where the leather won’t get ruined just from riding in the rain for a few hours.

It is also scuff resistant, which is a huge plus for those riders looking for trail riding saddles.

4. Long Lasting

Multiple customers have mentioned that this wintec saddle is one of the longest lasting saddles they’ve ever bought. The water repellant quality lends itself to ensuring that this saddle will still look like new even five years down the road.


  • Not designed for shows
  • Doesn’t come with a cinch
  • Not Stylish

1. Not Designed for Shows

These wintec western saddles are definitely designed more for a training or trail riding atmosphere than for shows. They perform tremendously for work purposes as well, especially due to the lightweight qualities that it has.

The look of the saddle is just simply not conducive of something you’d want to use for a show. It has a bit of a plastic look to it, which wouldn’t be appealing in the show atmosphere. If you’re looking for an all purpose saddle you would probably be better served checking out some of the other options that wintec has to offer.

2. No Cinch

While it’s not a huge deal, this wintec western saddle does not come with a cinch. Riders who purchase the wintec all rounder will have to purchase that separately.

Cinches aren’t overly expensive, with prices ranging from $10-$30, but it can be a bit annoying to make sure you have the right size.

3. Not Very Stylish

This is the major reason we wouldn’t suggest using this as a show saddle. It has the look of a lot of cheap western saddles and just doesn’t have the style that most riders would want when showing off their horse.

It’s great for work and leisure riding where you’re not looking to impress anybody but otherwise you can definitely find something with a much better look to it.

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Down Under Saddle Supply Kimberly Synthetic Stock Medium Saddle with Horn Review

Down Under Saddle Supply Kimberly Synthetic Stock

This synthetic saddle is the best ultra lightweight saddle on the market today. Weighing in at only eight pounds, it’s perfect for parents looking for quality youth saddles or kids saddles.

As with all synthetic saddles for sale, this isn’t really something that riders will want to use as a show saddle. The main purpose of this synthetic western saddle is for leisure riding or work.

Here’s a look at some of the major pros and cons of this


  • Ultra lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Great for kids and younger teens
  • Great for riders who prefer bare back
  • Fairly Cheap

1. Extremely Lightweight

The fact that this saddle is only eight pounds makes it a perfect fit for parents looking for quality youth western saddles. It’s easy for riders of any age or physical ability to put on or take off and the lightweight quality also leads to easy storage.

2. Comfortable

These treeless western saddles are extremely comfortable, providing suede knee blocks and leg cushions that will prevent a lot of natural discomfort.

3. Great for Kids & Younger Teens

The fact that it is the most lightweight saddle on the market is the major reason these horse riding saddles are great for kids and younger teens. The comfort is another big reason, since we all know that our kids aren’t going to be too happy if they aren’t comfortable on their horse.

4. Close to the Bare Back Experience

For riders looking to get as close to the bare back riding experience as possible, these synthetic saddles are definitely the way to go. The lightweight and comfort qualities makes it as close as it gets to the bare back ride while wearing a saddle.

5. Fairly Cheap

These cheap horse saddles will cost you anywhere between $300-$350 and provide a quality option for a rider that’s just looking for something that will last them a few years.


  • Not designed as a show saddle
  • Not weather resistant
  • Not designed for long term

1. Not a Show Saddle

While kids and younger teens may be able to get away with using this as a show saddle, I wouldn’t suggest older teens or adults to attempt to do the same. The synthetic look is obvious and it just doesn’t have the presentation that most people would like to see in a show saddle.

2. Not Weather Resistant

One major downfall of these treeless saddles is that the suede material means you may have some issues with quality if you allow these horse riding saddles to be exposed to too much inclimate weather. Suede doesn’t generally take rain that well so you’ll want to be sure you have a quality storage option. Obviously the lightweight factor makes it much easier to store than other, much heavier, options.

3. Not Designed for Long Term

These pony saddles aren’t really designed to last riders for too many years. While you can expect most saddles to last you anywhere from 12-15 years, you should probably only expect 5-8 years out of this one before it starts to lose a bit of its color.

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Camelot Close Contact Saddle Review

Camelot Close Contact Saddle Review

The Camelot Close Contact Saddle is one of the highest quality western horse saddles on the market today. It has an old fashioned original western look that is eye candy for saddle lovers.

One of the few issues associated with this western show saddle is that it is on the expensive side. Also, and as you would expect with a high quality saddle, upkeep is a little more intensive than most.

Here’s a full view of the different pros and cons of this saddle:


  • Great Look
  • Great as a Show Saddle
  • High Quality Saddle
  • Great Value

1. Great Look

These leather saddles have one of the best looks around. They’re made to provide a pure old fashioned cowboy look, which definitely shines through when using this saddle.

2. Great as a Show Saddle

As a western show saddle, you really can’t beat the look that this saddle has to offer. It provides a beautiful presentation that will satisfy the style needs of any rider. The smooth full grain leather look is something that will leave judges and opponents in awe.

While the price is a bit high, this is definitely a solid choice for anyone looking for a high quality show saddle.

3. Very High Quality

The quality that these ranch saddles provide is second to none. I’m a huge fan of the original western look and the full grain leather quality is something that everyone should be looking for in a show saddle. It also features a fiberglass tree and chrome tanned billets which both add to appearance and performance.

4. Great Value

While these western horse saddles are a bit expensive, they still provide a great value to riders. The price may be a little more than the casual rider wants to spend but for more experienced riders you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value than what this Camelot saddle has to offer. Many customers mentioned that the quality this saddle provides is similar to saddles they’ve purchased in the $800-$1,000 range.


  • Expensive
  • A Bit More Upkeep than Most

1. Bit Expensive

While these are some of the highest quality horse riding saddles on the market, they don’t come cheap. Riders looking to purchase these all purpose English saddles will have to fork over anywhere in the range $550-$600. While that is not a terribly high price, it still is a bit on the expensive side depending on exactly what you’re looking for.

2. More Upkeep than Most

When you’re purchasing a horse riding saddle of this high quality, you can expect to have a bit more upkeep than most other saddles. That’s usually not a major hindrance for most buyers but it’s definitely not a saddle that you’ll want to be constantly using in a working environment.

The saddle also features a fiberglass tree. While that is a plus as far as quality goes, it also means that you’ll want to be extra careful in the winter months where the fiberglass can become brittle. Fiberglass tree saddles may not be the best option for riders who regularly ride in extremely cold temperatures.

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Taking a look at these saddles shows that no one kind of saddle can have all the good things you need without a few drawbacks. Hence choose the one which can provide you with maximum benefits that you need.

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