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Best Horse riding vests 2019 - Horse Tack & Gear
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Best Horse riding vests 2019

horse riding body protectionHorse riding vests in horse riding are indispensable and hence we need to have the knowledge about their types and advantages before we can select one which best suits our needs. Let us take a look at how much valuable advantages they have to offer.

Tipperary Eventer Vest Review

Tipperary Eventer Vest Review

The Tipperary eventer vest is one of the best safety options on the market. While it is one of the bulkier vests you’ll find, it still provides the mobility and durability that are essential for riders to maintain top level performance.

Here’s a look at some of the other pros and cons associated with this Tipperary safety vest:


  • Top Notch Protection
  • Comfortability
  • Made for Riders of All Ability Levels
  • Tremendous Shock Absorption & Impact Reduction

1. Top of the Line Protection

While this Tipperary eventer vest is a bit more expensive than other options on the market you’ll be happy to know that you’re money is being well spent. This protective riding vest provides top notch protection and is a great riding safety vest for anyone looking to ensure the safest option available.

2. Comfort

While these equestrian safety vests are a bit bulkier than others, many riders mentioned that they were surprising much more comfortable than you would think. These eventer vests were designed to provide maximum mobility even though they are one of the bulkier Horse riding Body protection vests that you’ll find.

3. Designed With All Riders in Mind

These riding vests were designed with all different types of riders in mind. Beginners looking for an equestrian vest with high level safety features will be happy knowing that this is the best in the business. Experienced riders looking for the combination of safety and mobility will also be happy to know that this Tipperary equestrian vest will more than satisfy their needs.

4. Top Notch Shock Absorption & Impact Reduction

We’ve already mentioned that these horseback riding vests provide great Horse riding Body protection but it’s nice to know some of the features that make that possible.

The shock absorption system, created by the dual density padding system, is what really separates these Tipperary vests as the safest riding protective vest available. The padding system also helps with impact reduction, which is another major factor in the safety of the Tipperary eventer vest.

5. Helps with Confidence

The safety that this equestrian protection vest provides for riders makes it a great option for beginners who may be a little more fearful of getting on a horse early on. Even experienced riders looking to increase their difficulty a little bit, or to test out some of the more hardcore cross country trails, will see their confidence increased tenfold.


  • Cost
  • Can Get a Little Hot

1. Bit Expensive

The one issue with this Tipperary eventer protective riding vest…the price. With a price tag that rings in around the $250-$350 range, you’ll definitely be able to find much cheaper options on the market. You may not, however, find a better option safety wise.

2. May Get a Bit Sweaty

When you’re talking about safety you’re also going to be talking about a few more pads than most other options. This has led to a tiny issue for some riders with excessive sweating, which can be a bit annoying at times. This isn’t a major issue and is nothing more than a trade off that you’ll have to deal with for having the extra safety.

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Tipperary Ride Lite Vest Review

Tipper Ride Lite Vest Review

The Tipperary ride lite vest provides great value while also maintaining solid Horse riding Body protection. The price and multiple sizes available make this a great option for beginners.

While the lightweight features of these horse riding vests make it much more comfortable than most, it also leads to lessened safety features.

Here’s a look at some of the other pros and cons for this Tipperary ride lite vest:


  • One of the Best Values Available
  • Lightweight
  • Great Airflow
  • Most of Vest is Washable
  • Great Option for Beginners

1. Tremendous Value

Many riders, especially beginners, will find that these Tipperary safety riding vests provide the best value on the market. With a price ranging from $125-$175, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything of significant quality in that price range.

The price makes this perfect for beginner riders who are just looking to get their feet wet as well as recreational riders who might not spend an enormous amount of time riding.

2. Lighter than Most

As the name of this horse riding vest suggests, the Tipperary ride lite vest is one of the lightest vests that you’ll find. The lightness of these horse riding safety vests helps keep the rider as comfortable as possible and the mobility it provides is second to none.

Don’t be too turned off by the light factor on the quality of safety that this horse riding vest provides. It still has a shock absorption and impact reduction similar to some much heavier and more expensive options. Obviously it’s not going to have the protection of some of the top notch models but it’s certainly not a ‘cheap quality’ option.

3. Great Airflow

The fact that these protective riding vests are so lightweight also means that the airflow is going to be a lot better than some of the bulkier options. The channel system created for this eventing safety vest will hopefully leave you as cool as possible for a nice, comfortable ride.

4. Washable Vest

Riders who aren’t too fond of the smell that regularly seeps from their horse riding vest will be happy to know that almost the entire Tipperary ride lite vest is washable. Riders who sweat profusely will be highly satisfied with the airflow that this equestrian protective riding vest provides as well.

5. Great Option for Beginners

Beginners who aren’t looking to get too risky with their rides would be wise to start out with these Tipperary vests. The value and mobility associated with them makes it an optimal choice for riders who are just starting out.


  • Protection Isn’t Great
  • Sizing Issues

1. Not as Much Protection as Others

The major downfall of the light weight vest is that it doesn’t provide as much protection as some of the other options on the market. While it’s not a slouch in the safety department, riders looking for maximum protection will probably want to look in a different direction. Just be prepared to pay quite a bit more…

2. Sizing May Be an Issue

As is the theme with all horse riding equipment, you may have a little bit of sizing issues with these horse riding safety vests. A few customers mentioned that they run a size big. They’re available in over ten different sizes, including youth sizes, so you’ll want to be sure that you check out a sizing chart before you make your purchase.

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Tough-1 Bodyguard Protective Vest Review

Tough-1 Bodyguard Protective Vest Review

With multiple issues, including look and comfortability, they certainly aren’t the best protective riding vest on the market. They do, however, offer great value at their current price.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this riding protective vest to see if this would be a good fit for what you’re looking for:


  • Great Price
  • Solid Safety Features
  • Adjustable Parts
  • Velcro Instead of Buckles

1. Great Price

The price of this Horse riding Body protection vest is the main reason we’ve listed it as one of the best horse riding vests of 2016. It features a price range of $95-$150, which really can’t be beat within the current market of riding vests.

While it may not provide the best quality and comfortability, it does provide great safety for the price.

2. Solid Safety Features

This Tough-1 Bodyguard Protective Vest has some of the best safety features on the market, especially for the price. Designed to withstand even the toughest of falls, I would definitely suggest this vest to riders who are looking for a cheap, safe option and who aren’t as worried about the look or comfortability that it offers.

3. Adjustable Parts

While a lot of riders had complaints about the clumsy fitting qualities of these protective riding vests, it may have simply been because they misunderstood how to use the adjustable parts of the vests. You’d be best served testing out some of the adjustable parts to get a snug, but comfortable, fit before you decide to start riding with these riding vests.

4. Velcro Instead of Buckles

This can be a pro or con, depending on what you’re looking for, but these eventing vests utilize Velcro to strap you in instead of the traditional buckle method. This can be a benefit because it leads to easy removal. It can also be detrimental for the same reason as losing your vest mid ride could lead to some very serious consequences.


  • Clumsy Fitting
  • Runs a Little Big on Some Riders
  • Somewhat Low Quality

1. Clumsy Fitting

One of the main problems a lot of riders had with these riding vests was that they were somewhat clumsy fitting. A lot of customers complained that they didn’t fit well enough to provide a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

The clumsy fit also turned off a lot of riders due to the decreased confidence they had. The Velcro that’s utilized to secure this riding safety vest certainly doesn’t help in that area as well.

2. Possibility of Running a Bit Big

Some customers complained about their vests running a size too big. Some mentioned that sizes above and below their normal size still didn’t fit as well as they would’ve liked. This didn’t seem to be a major issue with a lot of customers but it’s definitely worth mentioning.

3. Threads Rip Easily

The price of this horse riding protection vest is definitely evident in the threading that holds the vest together. While most issues associated with the threading can be easily fixed with a sewing machine, it’s still a bit annoying to think that I might have to fix a $100+ purchase within the first few months of use.

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This knowledge about the different types of safety vest will surely help you with the selection of the correct one. It is not only the one with maximum advantages but also the one with least disadvantages that can be the nest one for you. So choose wisely while you are at it.

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