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Best Pics Of Horses 2019

pics of horsesSince the dawn of civilization and even before it, mankind has been able to use other animals for its benefit. But as the times changed, after the industrial revolution slowly and gradually these animals have been replaced by more efficient and economical machines. One of these tamed wild beasts is horse.

However, even though the horses went out of fashion as a mode of transport, they still offered great value in the sports of horse riding. Hence, horses managed to be an integral part of the human civilization and art heritage.

As has been the habit of mankind, they always captured the most beautiful parts of nature and gifts of gods in various forms of art, hence he started to capture the most friendly wild beast he ever tamed in various art forms and today, the pics of horses are much in fashion right from the wallpaper on the desktop of your computer to the wallpaper decorating the walls in your room.

Let us take a look at the art that this beautiful wild beast has managed to inspire.

Paintings of Horses

Horses have been shown in the art of painting since the prehistoric times. The men in those days used to depict their daily life by drawing them, mostly on the walls of the caves they used to reside in.

The most famous of the cave paintings depicting horses is in caves at Lascaux.

Later on as man became more civilized and learnt the use of oils for painting he started making oil horse paintings.

These horses were usually depicted as used in means of transport and in the ancient warfare as in those times man had learnt the advantages that a horse provided in the times of war and battles.

Today you can find more paintings of horses alone than any other wild beast that man have ever tamed.

Famous Horse paintings

More than any other genre, paintings of horses have managed to achieve considerable amount of fame.

The most famed of the horse painters is George Stubbs.

Made way back in the year 1762 A.D, his famous painting depicting a life sized portrait of a champion race horse, Whistlejacket can be found in the national Gallery in London.

The water color painting by Eugene Delacroix named horse frightened by lightening had grabbed much attention of the arts lovers and is still at the Museum of fine arts at Budapest.

Among the horse oil paintings, the Battle of San Romano was made by the artist Uccello using egg tempera along with linseed oil and walnut oil on the Poplar.

Also our most renowned artistic genius of the 20th century explored this genre of horse painting in his masterpiece of the Boy leading a horse.

George Stubbs and Alfred Munnings are two of the most famous artists who created Horse paintings.

A small list of some of the most incredible work of art has been mentioned below

  • Epsom derby By Theodore Gericault painted in the year 1821.
  • Gimcrack on Newmarket Heath which is a painting of a racehorse with a trainer, a stable boy, and the jockey was expected to cross the price of 20 million pounds and it has been called “a great masterpiece of British art and one of the finest sporting pictures ever painted as epicentral to its epoch as any of the great masterpieces of western arts”. It was painted by George Stubbs.
  • Before the race painted by Edgar Degas in the year 1882 is considered an invaluable beauty.
  • Tang horses framed artwork by Richard W Linford is one of the most expensive framed artwork and was sold for a price of around $ 200000.
  • El Greco’s Saint Martin and the beggar.

Horse wall Art

In the modern times, people started having the walls in their houses decorated by modern art.

The Horse wallpapers and Horse Wall Art Paintings were again opted by many. If that was not all, it is also considered fashionable to have Horses portraits and horses picture frames hanging on your walls.

White horse pictures and the Arabic horse pictures have been so beautifully created that among all the horse art forms decorating the wall, these two alone share a majority.

Images of horses

After the paintings and the wallpaper art, came the digital age.

Almost every one of us remember having seen dark black horse pictures in the background wallpaper of somebody’s desktop computer.

Pics of horses, specially the dark ones have been famous not only for desktop wallpapers but also for the smart phones themes. The images of these horses are even easier to find due to the availability of almost everything on the internet.

There are websites available which can provide you with incredible images and posters of horses.

A few of these websites have been mentioned below.


This websites has some of the most cool horse pictures you can find over the internet. You can get yourself a poster of beautiful picture of horses and have it over as your wallpaper. You can also get one of these cute horse pics framed and add it to your collection.


This is yet another website from where you can buy yourself incredible and amazing horse pictures. You can find aesthetically beautiful pictures and posters of high clarity and pixels quality.


We all know that Amazon is one of the best online shopping website available today. It also gives you the option of buying the horse arts and pictures online.


Horses have been the central theme of various arts forms for the past many centuries. The beauty of these creatures has inspired many artists to try and capture it in their art. Their ferocity has inspired even more of these artists to depict them in the warfare situations.

Also since in the old days, all the great battle has been fought on horses, any attempt to depict the battle story always remains incomplete without the mention of horses in the picture.

These wild creatures have also been a poet’s muse. They inspire, and their beauty heals.

Their beautiful pictures have a very calming effect on one, especially with a wild green landscape and the beauty of nature surrounding the horse. So if any of you is planning to get yourself a frame of some beautiful picture, which you can use to decorate your walls with, what can be better than the picture of a horse?

If you are planning to get yourself a rough, dark and powerful theme for your Smartphone background, what can be better than the image of a dark, untamed beast?

If you are planning to cover your walls with wallpaper, what can be better than the poster of beautiful horse running free against the wind, to enhance the aesthetics of your home?

If you are planning to get yourself a valuable painting to add considerable value and glamour to your collections of paintings, what can be better than having a painting of these glamorous creatures to add in your collection?

Gone are the days when horses only provided some value in the stable. In this modern era even the pictures, images, wallpapers and posters of this beautiful creature can help us enhance the beauty of the surrounding in our daily life.

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